Each category can be filtered by “free” or “affordable”. The default shows both.

Nothing over $1,000 is listed (base price – not including any taxes or fees)

You can select one or more training features using the checkboxes after using the search bar on the homepage or selecting a category.

  • Best Training to Start With (narrows it down to 1-4 courses)
  • Good for Beginners (Good for beginners to a particular category – The DFIR Related categories typically assume that you’re familiar with topics in the Core Training section such as general IT, cybersecurity basics, and networking)
  • Hands-On (Either all or part of the course has a practical hands-on component)
  • Proof of Completion (Badge, Certificate, etc.)
  • Community/Forum (The training provider has Slack, Discord or a forum)

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There is also a Current Discounts page for discounts on training, books, software, etc.