Hi! Elan aka DFIR Diva here, a Junior Incident Response Analyst trying to learn all things DFIR on a limited budget. I went from doing about a year of technical support back in 2010, to having a non-technical Access Management role for several years, then going straight into Incident Response. It was a HUGE jump. All of a sudden, I needed to know how to do digital forensics investigations, analyze malware, know what assembly code means, and a plethora of other things I didn’t know I needed to know. I definitely couldn’t afford to pay thousands of dollars for training.

I’m hoping these curated lists of training and events will help others who are in the same boat.

There is also a lot of free hacking training and challenges out there but free and affordable DFIR/Blue Team content wasn’t easy to find. This site does have an Ethical Hacking section (I believe learning how to hack makes for a better responder) but the main focus is Digital Forensics & Incident Response.

I want to thank all of the course and content creators for making their content free!

My main website/blog is at DFIRDiva.com

Ways to Search

  • You can search the entire site by keyword
  • You can search only free or only affordable training
  • You can select one or more categories in addition to viewing only free or affordable training (multiple categories work best when it’s a training category + a feature). For example, if you wanted to search for free hands-on malware analysis training, you wold select the Malware Analysis & Reverse Engineering category and the Hands-On feature category as well as “Free” for Cost:

Want to help support this site?

This site takes time and money to maintain so any support whether monetary or spreading the word would be greatly appreciated. I rely on Buy Me a Coffee, Teepublic merch sales, and purchases made through affiliate/partner links to be able to keep this site going financially.

Please leave a comment below (no name or email required) or let me know on social media and I’ll fix or remove it. Additionally, please let me know if something is listed here that is not intended to be free. I love free things as much as anyone else but I don’t want to share pirated content.

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    You got a typo here: In addition to “Buy My a Coffee”, I am an affiliate

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      Thank you for catching that! It’s been corrected.

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      Thank you! The link has been updated.

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